TATA Merlin [Upcoming defense LSV]

Tata well known brand in INDIA and whenever someone mentions about army TATA is first comes into mind

Currently TATA is working on the new LSV for the INDIAN Army.LSV means light support vehicle.Taking account the pulwama attack these types of vehicles are very beneficial for INDIAN ARMY.

This vehicle will come equipped with STANAG 4569 Level-1 protection on the sides and rear. That means this vehicle can withstand the effect of an IED blast , Hand grenades, unexploded artillery fragmenting submunitions, and other small anti personnel explosive devices detonated under the vehicle.This is the highest grade protection by NATO standards.This vehicle will also came equiped with ready to use 7.62mm medium machine GUN and 40mm Grenade launcher.There is also a feature called central Tyre inflation system,By this feature vehicle can increase and decrease the Tyre air pressure without any external source to facilitate vehicle in different terrains.


This vehicle will be powered by 3.3L diesel engine producing 185 BHP with 450 Nm torque .


Source: https://www.motorbeam.com/tata-merlin-spotted-testing-promises-superior-protection/

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