SUMO how to insert Open street map .


Many of you haven’t heard about this software SUMO. This software is normally called SUMO[ Simulation of Urban Mobility]. If you are a research scholar or studying post graduation in Computer science you will get to know this software.

VANETs :- These are Vehicular Ad-hoc network many people are aware of this Topic. So people who want to simulate VANETs or if someone is doing research on VANETs. He must need SUMO tool. This tool help create vehicle simulation.

Iam also a research scholar doing my I found that there is very less information on internet about this Topic. So i thought to write it on my blog.

So here i will show you step by step way to insert Open-street map in SUMO.

If you are starting your research right now this can be very helpful to you.

So here are the steps.

Steps to Insert Open Street Maps in SUMO.

Step-1 : Firstly you need to install SUMO on your system. You can just download this software by visiting this link SUMO Download

Step-2 : Now Run SUMO.To RUN you need to explore the path [C:\Users\window user\Desktop\Tools\sumo-1.3.1\bin\sumo-gui.exe]. The SUMO tool will look like image given below.


Step-2 : Now firstly you need to load SUMO network. screenshot given below :


here you can see two options :

  • Open Simulation
  • Open Network

Step- 3 : First you need to open Network.You need to browse for the network file.We will study later in this blog how to create network file.

Step-4 : Secondly you need to open Network.You need to browse for the Simulation file.We will study later in this blog how to create Simulation file.

Step-5 : After successful loading of these two files you have to RUN the project from RUN button given in the menu bar.

Set The delay to 150-250 or 300 depending on the speed of vehicles are moving and your requirement how slow or fast you want the simulation to RUN.

Now the Main process is How to Insert Open Street Map.

The steps to insert Open-street map are given below :

Step-1: You need to open a website called []

Step-2 You need to search for the particular Map you want to download.Like here i am searching for CHANDIGARH map.

SUMO 1.3.1
Openstreetmap website

Step-3 : So after selection of MAP this dialog box will appear once you press Export button. You can select area manually option is just below the blue export button.

SUMO 1.3.1

Step-4: Now save this file in separate folder.You can name it according to you. I named it Map.

Step-5: Now you need to open terminal in the directory you had put Map in. example : go to the map folder and in above address bar remove the path and write Cmd. Command prompt will open.

SUMO 1.3.1

Now the Commands you need to Enter here are :

netconvert –osm-files map.osm -o

map.osm is the file you downloaded from

Step-6: Another step is you need to import additional polygons. you can copy the code from

SUMO 1.3.1

After copying this code make a file named typemap.xml.

Now write a command in CMD :- polyconvert –xml-validation ––osm-files map.osm –type-file typemap.xml -o map.poly.xml

This command will create a file map.poly.

Step-7: You need to put the below code into the CMD now :

Note : for this command you first need to copy randomtrips file to the working directory or you can give path for the directory where file is present. you will get this file from : C:\Users\mukul\Desktop\Tools\sumo-1.3.1\tools\

python C:\Users\Windows user\Desktop\Tools\sumo-1.3.1\tools\ -n -r map.rou.xml -e 100 -l

it will call duarouter and will create a route file for your map.

Step-8: now you need map.sumocfg for simulation :

Source code for sumocfg file is :

SUMO 1.3.1

Step-9 : Now we have all the files needed to start simulation :

  • map.sumocfg.

Now you can RUN this map by following the steps Above.

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