SU 30 MKI vs Rafale .Which is better ?


This is the most heated up topic currently going on the internet.Since INDIA has done a deal of New Rafale fighters for the IAF fleet. These fighter jets are likely to join IAF from September 2019. So may people want to know Why India chose Rafale over Russian supreme SU 30 MKI. SU 30 MKI vs Rafale

SU 30 MKI is currently most advanced fighter in the INDIAN IAF fleet. These are great aircrafts of 4.5th Generation.So now Rafale is coming and questions are starting to rise. Why Rafale why not more SU30 MKI .?

So here below we will discuss about the differences of both of these fighters.

SU 30 MKI vs Rafale :

SU 30 MKI Vs Rafale
  1. Rafale is a French fighter jet where as SU 30 MKI is a Russian Fighter plane .
  2. SU 30 MKI is multirole aircraft while Rafale is Omnirole Aircraft.
SU 30 MKI vs Rafale
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SU 30 MKI uses N011M Bars.It is a PESAradar. This is multi-mode dual frequency band RADAR.It can search up to 400 KM and Tracking range is 200KM. This RADAR can engage 4 targets simultaneously and can track 15 .

Rafale is fitted with RBE2-AA RADAR. This is as AESA system.AESA stands for Active electronically scaned array. Features of this RADAR are :

  1. Active electronic scanning.
  2. Long detection and track ranges
  3. Automatic terrain following and avoidance.

Stealth :

Rafale uses RAM [RADAR absorbent material ] in form of paint. This material is used to scatter and absorb RADAR waves.

SU30 MKI has a disadvantage here due to its bigger size That lets out 20 m sq. RCS. Also RAM technology is not used in SU 30 MKI.So detection of SU 30 mKI is easier than RAFALE.

Engines :

M88 engines are used in Rafale.This is twin engine fighter plane.It can produce 75 Kn Thrust with afterburners.

SU 30 MKI uses Lyulka-Saturn AL-31FP . This is also a twin engine fighter.With these engines SU 30 MKI can achieve speed of MACH 2 . These engines provide more thrust than RAFALE But due to heavy weight of SU 30 MKI this thrust is comparable to RAFALE and there is not much difference.

Conclusion :

SU 30 MKI got 12 Hard points to attack weapons. (6 × pylons under-wing, 2 × pylon under-engine nacelles , 2 × wing-tip AAM launch rails, and 2 × pylons in tandem in the “arch” between the engines. By using multiple ejector racks this can be increased up to 14 .)

Rafale Has 14 Hard points with 9 tones extra load capacity .

Rafale is surely a better fighter than SU30 MKI but in some aspects SU 30 MKI got its own advantages like dog-fighting and WVR combat . SU 30 MKI is also cheaper. These both fighter jets are great and I also want both of these in IAF.Combining these both fighters can make IAF more stronger than many other Countries.

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