Smart home with simple DIY setup at affordable price.

Now technology is getting advanced day by day and we want to get updated. For that we have to be in touch with the latest technology. Sometimes we think we are not capable to have such features to have such technology. So here are some tricks to make your home smart with these low cost affordable attachments.

So have you heard about smart plug socket..?

No then I will explain this right here .

Smart plug is an attachment to your normal switch outlet which lets you plug every basic appliances and convert them into smart devices and make your home smart home.

It will cost you an average of 900-1000rs per plug.

These plugs look like same as ordinary plug but these plugs came with extra connectivity like wifi and alexa google connectivity.

Smart home
Example image

These switches can be further connected to You mobile, alexa or google home to make you appliances operated through you smartphone or with assistant.

like you can tell Alexa to turn on or off any appliance from any corner. It can be used with lights, refrigerators,Fans or any other appliance.

Below i will mention the links of few plugs check them out and support our blog.

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Products : housemate WiFi Smart Multi Plug Socket

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