RIP Opportunity Rover


Opportunity is also known as mars exploration vehicle operated by NASA.It is sent by NASA to MARS in July 7,2003.It landed at mars on 25 January,2004.

It was designed to complete a 90 sols mission 90 sols are just equals or little more than earth’s 90 days as mars day is 39 minutes longer than earth. But this robot server 14 years of lifespan at mars which is exceptional.

But in 2018 Due to sand storms in mars this robot lost contact with NASA on JUNE 10.It was said that i goes on hibernation mode on June 12.NASA officials are sure that it will reboot once the weather will clear but it didn’t.

On February 13 2019 NASA employees declare that the mission is complete as Opportunity is not responding to signals NASA sent back to back to the ROBOT to make every possible contact.

This is sad to lost contact with the OPPORTUNITY Roves as it is serving NASA from past 15 years.

Source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opportunity_(rover)

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