PUBG mobile Upcoming update [MAD MIRAMAR]


PUBG mobile The Hottest game these days is coming with a new update on 7th May 2020. Here we discuss about the new things and changes we will get in new update.


Miramar map is going to get updated.PUBG mobile announces various updates for this map.


These updates are shown in this Pic.

  1. New car Golden Mirado.
  2. Win94 with a scope (2.7X)
  3. New results screen.
  4. Dual scope in single gun.[we can attach other scope sideways while red dot already attached to the gun.]
  5. Arena mode got P90.
  6. New Cheers park inspired by Painkiller and cold drink.
  7. Vending machines like we have seen in last anniversary park update.

As stated by official pubg website this update will come live on 7 MAY. Stay tune for more updates.

This is download link in case you dont play this game .

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