PUBG mobile season 15 Rewards leaks.


PUBG mobile season 15 is coming near and here we have some leaks about the content and rewards of season 15.

Leaks suggest that PUBG mobile new season 15 will be on the theme of Moon. The Royal pass season 15 will start from September 15. So We will notice many skins and other items based on moon theme.

Today here we discuss some of the highlights of season 15 we get from leaks.

1. Dacia Skin

The four wheeler sedan is called as Dacia in PUBG mobile. This car will get a new skin based on “Rose Moon Dacia”. Players can see a symbol of moon on the side of it. You need to reach level 20 on royal pass

2.Beryl Skin

M762 is pubg mobile is known as Beryl gun. This Skin will be available is free RP. this skin can be unlocked once you reached level 50. This is a combination of yellow and black color and this will make the weapon attractive.

3.Kar98 Skin

Kar98 is a very famous gun comes in the category of snipers in Pubg. This gun is very famous among snipers. This weapon will also be rewarded with a skin. This skin consist of a yellow ribbon wrapped on whole with body color of black. We can see highlights of this gun in 1.0.0 beta version.

Source : Sportskeeda

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