PUBG MOBILE : Push to Conqueror in Season 13


If you play Pubg mobile alot then this blog is right place for you. Every player wants to reach conqueror even iam also one of them who want to reach conqueror. So here is a guide we prepared from doing some analysis on the internet and by asking some gamers who reached conqueror.

Season 13 Rank Rewards

These are rewards above you will get in between Rank push

Reach Conqueror In Season 13 PUBG

#1 Initial Stage

This is a critical stage for rank pushing and many players can’t decide when to start rank push. There is always a confusion whether to push rank in the initial stage of season or in the final stages. We here advice you to start pushing rank in the first week of the season. reach highest tier as you can in the first week. This will make the process to reach conqueror easier.

#2 Essentials

While Pushing to conqueror in the initial stages it is easy. When you climb high in the rank calendar you will face tough players. You will see there are more players left in the last zone. So keep 6-7 smokes and health items in your back. So that you can make a good cover in the last zone and recover if you get damage.

#3 Hackers

This is the part where many players feels frustrated and want to leave rank push. In crown tier you will face more hackers helping their friends in pushing rank. This will make very difficult for you to maintain the momentum. So try to play MIRAMAR map as this map has lowest possibility of Hackers.

#4 Zone

Always calculate the zone precisely to be safe till end is also important step to reach conqueror.

#5 Rush Or Survival

Players should maintain a good K/D ratio [kill death ratio] in the diamond tier so that in final stages they can focus on more safe and survival gameplay to reach conqueror easily.

#6 Kills

The importance of kills increases once you reach the Crown tier during a rank push. As you want to maintain your KD. Reaching conqueror with low KD is not that good. maintain a kills of 3-4 per match to maintain a good K/D ratio.

#7 Guns


If you are rank pushing to Conqueror , then the best gun combination for you is having two Assault Rifles. You can have AKM and M416 two best guns. These guns will help you and ease the process of rank push.


In duo rank pushing one player must have a Sniper Rifle or good DMR like Mini14 or SLR. It can help you to deliver a good initial blow to the enemy team or for stealing kills with just one or two headshots.


In a squad, every player is free to use their favorite guns. Every player must have guns according to their roles in the squad. Example sniper assaulter.

#8 Points Required For Conqueror

There is no specific point limit in PUBG Mobile for the Conqueror title. The title is given to the top 500 players of any server once they get to the Ace tier.

Source: SportsKeeda

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