Next Generation WIFI [6]


With the launch of Samsung GALAXY s10.This term got quite popular.Many of us are wandering what is this WIFI 6 and we haven’t heard about WIFI version.

This article explains about WIFI today and its latest Generation.


In current period WIFI comes in 3 versions.

  • WIFI 4 released in 2009 [802.11n]
  • WIFI 5 released in 2014 [802.11ac]
  • WIFI 6 latest verion. [802.11ax]

There are threee other backward generations :-

  • WIFI 1 [802.11b] released 1999
  • WIFI 2 [802.11a] same in 1999
  • WIFI 3 [802.11g] released in 2003

WIFI is getting faster and faster with every generation.

Here we will discuss about WIFI 6 :

As a newer version it provides more high speeds than wifi 5 and efficient data transfer.WIFI 6 is 40% faster than wifi 5 even if connected over same router.For this WIFI 6 uses more Advanced DATA encoding.

Companies were moving to 5Ghz from 2.5Ghz as a solution to slow speeds and congestion problems.But everyone knows 2.4Ghz is more strong in case of solid penetration.So 5Ghz has a downside of being distracted by stone walls and obstructions.

WIFI 6 has increased the speeds of 2.4 Ghz. WIFI 6 provides many other features like :

  • Longer Battery Life.
  • Better in crowded areas.
  • Faster WIFI

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