Motorola Razr folding phone is coming to INDIA

motorola razr

Folding phones are storming the world right now. Ever brand is working on this technology. Folding phones are the future. Every brand is working on this technology. Motorola don’t want to be left behind.Motorola launched the new folding phone named as Motorola Razr. This is currently launched in US and will make its way to INDIA soon.

The new Motorola Razr folding phone looks cool and looks like one of the most exciting phones in the market right now. The registration for this phone are opened from the day it was launched.

The company has also said that this phone will come to Indian market soon.

Motorola Razr is launched at a price of $1500 , Which is Rs. 1.07 Lakhs. Taking the high taxes and duties in consideration it would cost more than 1.07 Lakh in INDIA.

Currently this phone is launched with Snapdragon 710 with 6GB of RAM. The display is folding one with resolution 876*2142, 373ppi.

This phone will make its way to INDIA soon. Till then stay tuned and gear-up your wallet with money. As folding phones are the future.

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