Laptop slow: How to make computer fast like a rocket.


Generally everyone has a laptop and computer these days in our homes. Most of us use computer and laptops daily. Generally laptop in the mid-segment or entry level segment comes with Hard drives. Many people don’t give attention towards the Storage type and buy laptop on the bases of processors display and other factors.

Today we will discuss about major thing we left while buying a new laptop. No matter how costly your laptop is no matter which processor it has . I will get slow from the day you purchased. In starting you won’t notice these changes but after a while you laptop starts freezing and becomes laggy.

Now if you are little technical you can inspect for hard drive usage on Task manager.

If the disk usage shown in your windows task manager is like the image shown below.


Here in this image the disk usage is 100%. This is the main reason your Pc is running slow . Its not necessary that your Disk usage should be 100% . Generally laptops and computers come with Hard disk drive are slow.

So the main thing you need to do is spend a little more and get a laptop as blazing fast as mac-book(as reference).

So Iam telling you the review with data analysis.

What to do :

The thing you need to know is your laptop not slow your drive storage is slow. This slow storage drive acts as bottleneck. So to speed up you need to have SSD in your Pc or laptop

There are different types of SSD. you can take 1 according to your needs and motherboard compatibility.

  1. Sata SSD
  2. M.2

Sata SSD can be used in every laptop in the market right now it is slow as compared to other SSD’s but very fast than a normal HDD. This will make a hude difference.

some of the SSD’s mentioned below you can see for refrence or purchase.


Here is difference between an SSD and HDD


Here you can see the difference in read and wirte speeds.


Read- 3168MB/s

write- 2355MB/s


Read- 94MB/s

write- 123MB/s

By using SSD in place of HDD you can make a 10 year laptop perform like a new one. There are various solution in google out there claiming increase windows speed etc. nothing gonna work just purchase an SSD and See magic.

If your budget is low and you are very basic user you can buy 128Gb.

I will recommend 250Gb as base for optimal performance.

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