India’s Reusable Rocket Tech.

The Cost of space rockets is one of the main reason for unexplored space.As ISRO is well known for its low cost missions.To answer that ISRO [Indian Space Research Organisation] came with a solution.They are working on re usable rockets.

Usually Rocket uses multistage structure.During its journey rockets go 2 -3 or more stages.In which first stage is initial stage after that it detach and falls.Then 2nd stage activated and same happens they detach after burning.

This process is very costly as Agencies have to build these stages again for the new launch.Due to this there are no frequent space travel as it takes time to build those massive rockets again.

So to eliminate this money and time factor, ISRO working on reusable tech. In which 1st and 2nd stages of rockets can be reusable to save money and time. This consist of a vehicle carrying another rocket. It consist of 2 phases.

This vehicle is called [TSTO] – Two Stage To Orbit .

A Winged Reusable Launch Vehicle technology Demonstrator (RLV-TD) act as a flying test bed for these technologies as mentioned below :- hyper-sonic flight, autonomous landing, powered cruise flight and hyper-sonic flight using air-breathing propulsion.

This is future of Space-Launch.In future we will see space missions more often.

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