IAF New mobile game : Chance to be an IAF Pilot.

IAF [Indian Air force ] has launched a new game for the youths to encourage them Indian {Air Force: A Cut Above [DISHA – IAF HQ]}. This game will give you chance to Fly IAF fighter jets and chance to be an IAF pilot. The game is available on Android & IOS for free. You can just download and enjoy the game.

The game is developed by Delhi- based Threye Interactive.Threye is also the developer of IAF’s previous game launched in 2014.The name of the previous game is “Guardians of the skies“.

The new game is same as previous with little better graphics and new missions.In this game player can see himself as Wing commander Ahinandan Varthaman.


IAF game consist of Three modes :

  1. Training
  2. Single player
  3. Free flight

Training mode :

Training mode consist of three missions :

  1. Take off and navigation
  2. Armaments Training
  3. Landing

Single player :

Single player consist of 10 Missions. In which 3 stars will be awarded for every mission.


Free flight :

In free flight you need to register and sign in to play and you can enjoy free flight with no restrictions.

you can search for this game on Playstore on Android and IOS store with name Indian Air Force: A Cut Above [DISHA – IAF HQ]

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