Huawei Google clash,Is this the End of Huawei

Android_ huawei

Huawei is well know brand in current market. Number 2 smartphone maker brand. Everyone knows about this giant brand. The latest offering by This brand is Huawei P30 Pro . There is a long list of devices.

The latest news we are hearing about this company is that new phones from this brand will not get support from google. It means new phones will not get new Android OS , No Google store and no maps and other google apps.

This Can lead to the downfall for the company. As in current market Android is in high demand . People always want a phone that will get more updates and Android is highly preferable OS by many people .But because of the discontinuation of the Android in Huawei can led to major decrease in future market .

Although it is a Chinese giant and have a separate market for app that is currently available in China. They can easily make that global. Brand is also working on its OS.

But In current market with Android ecosystem it is likely to be impossible to sell a phone without android. Same happens with PalmOS , Symbian , windows phone , Bada etc. So the situations is very difficult for the Brand.

Hope so can make its way out of these difficulties. This Brand provide many flagship phones that are very rich in features and this brand gives very high competition to its competitors.

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