Here comes new PUBG Update 0.15.5 for mobile

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New Update of PUBG mobile is here today. This can be downloaded by simply opening the game and it will get downloaded. This update is compulsory and it takes a storage of about 0.21GB for ANDROID and 0.24 for IOS. There are special items for user who update between 8-14 NOVEMBER.

The update brings Royal pass season 10 with it. There is an improved UI for Royal pass.
There is new TDM added called RUINS. This new map includes dense vegetation and winding paths,It depends on the players whether to play head to head or to work together and form strategy.

There is also a new addition of weapons. [MP5K] :- Portable SMG replaces Vector and can only be found in VIKENDI.


Its fire rate is 900RPM. Damage of this gun is 33 and can equip all attachments like Stock,Mags,Laser, Scoped,Foregrips.

A new vehicle is also here which replaces UAZ in Vikendi.


This vehicle is slower than other but its damage protection is high so it can withstand more attacks. For more updates you can update the game or you can visit pubg mobile official website. PUBG MOBILE


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