E-sim how to activate and supported devices.


E-sim is embedded sim. Just like normal Sim this sim is already embedded in the motherboard of your device. You have to activate it with the carrier which supports this service. Right now in INDIA Airtel,jio etc. companies are providing E-sim facility. With the embedded sim activated you don’t have to buy and put physical sim in mobile device.

This E-sim works same as regular sim.In regular sim there is IMSI [International mobile Subscriber Identification] number.This number is activated after documents verification and then you can use sim services. E-sim also works similar.

Features of E-sim :

  1. The Hardware chip comes preinstalled in your motherboard of the device.So no need to buy any physical sim.
  2. This Embedded-sim is electronic so it can be re-writable. By re-writable we mean you can change you ISP to New anytime. Old ISP information will be erased and new ISP data will be written.

How To Activate an Embedded-sim :

Activation of E-sim is very easy just scan the QR code provided by operator through email. You can also manually enter data. Example in AIRTEL you have to send a message NESIM to 51619. After that they call you and send you a QR code through email .

Phones supporting Embedded-sim :

Devices supporting embedded-sim currently are very less.

  1. iPhones XS
  2. XS Max
  3. XR
  4. Google Pixel 3

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