Drone used in URI movie

URI – The Surgical Strike is the film everyone wants to watch nowdays or many had already watched the movie. After watching movie many people are thinking about the tech used in the movie,As the movie is full of unrealistic technologies .

people who watched movie can relate,when DRDO intern is just using this drone as a timepass project and then he was assigned to make such drones for army.

If you are also searching for that drone,You are in right link.

That drone used by INDIAN ARMY is real and is named a ROBIRD DRONE.I will provide you link below to check the specifications of that drone.

This Drone is currently built by Clear Flight Solutions  .

This drone can fly same as a bird and currently used in airports and farm to make other birds stay away.

visit this link to know more about this Drone.



NOTE- this is not clear whether INDIAN ARMY uses this particular drone or not .I mentioned this here as it resembles same as that drone used in the movie.

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