COD mobile All you need to know,Release date etc.

COD mobile

COD: Everyone knows about PUBG.There are very rare people who don’t know about this game. For those people PUBG is online mobile game you can play with your friends or anyone. This is a shooting game and you need to stand alive between 100 people in this game.Shoot,Run,Chase,Sniping.

COD mobile gameplay
COD mobile

This game has taken internet massively. So to give Players a competition or a choice. Activision is coming With a COD mobile series. COD is Short form of Call of Duty. This is highly famous gaming series based on platforms PlayStation,Xbox,PC. Gamers are crazy about this game.Now they are stepping onto the mobile OS. This game will be available on ANDROID and IOS.

This game will give serious Competition to PUBG.

Right now this game is in per-release phase and they are making people register to get first beta release in couple of days. The users who register themselves to COD mobile will only get Early access to the game. There might be some other early access gifts.

The game will get maps like Frontline on Crash .They are quite famous if you had played COD modern warfare multiplayer then you will love to play this game.

This game will give infinite joy to 90’s kids who used to play COD multiplayer that time. They can relive those days with this game.Even i used to play this game. And the addiction of this game is at another level. You can’t compare PUBG with that game. That game is very special for gamers as lots of memories are connected with COD.

Today here i will show you way to register for this game, So that you can enjoy this game before everyone else.

How to Register :

Visit here : COD MOBILE

There you will get a option to register yourself. Or you can simply search COD MOBILE on you android store or apple store and then register yourself there.

Trailer : COD mobile Trailer

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