Chandrayaan 2: Third orbit-raising of spacecraft completed


Chandrayaan 2 is 2nd moon exploration mission of INDIA carried out by ISRO [Indian Space Research Organisation]. The Chandrayaan 1 was India’s first mission to moon. This mission estimated cost was ₹386 crore (US$56 million) and it Hit moon surface on 14 November 2008. This mission was major boost for ISRO. Now ISRO is again on the way to explore North pole of the moon.

This mission consist of 5 Orbits of Earth before hitting moon.Chandrayaan 2 complete 3rd maneuver on Monday 3:12PM.It was confirmed by ISRO with a tweet Image below.

This Mission was started on 22 JULY 2019.The primary motive of mission is to land softly at unexplored south pole of the moon. The total cost of the mission is Rs. 978 crore.It is composed of three modules [ orbiter, lander, and rover ]. Further major activities include Earth-bound maneuvres, Trans Lunar Insertion, Lunar bound maneuvres, Vikram Separation and Vikram Touch Down,” the space agency said.

final orbit-raising will be on 14 August 2019, setting Chandrayaan 2 on its way to the moon as ISRO said.

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