Bio fuel Ethanol and its Advantages.

bio fuel

Our resources are extinguishing by a very fast rate. Earth is stretched upto the limits. If we can’t find alternatives right now then it will lead human generation with no fuel. This is the big reason to consider Bio fuel.

Many steps are taken by our governments to manage these conditions. Government is putting light no electric vehicles. These vehicles help in reducing the fuel consumption and also reduce the emission of green house gases in the earth. This way we can reduce the amount of pollution done by Petrol and diesel vehicles.

Everyone knows electric vehicles are good but somehow they are not that effective in reducing the problem of fuel consumption. Wait a minute before you say he is mad and he don’t know what he is saying. So let me clear, See the table below


According to the table it is clear that our main energy source is Thermal. This is a non-renewable source of energy. So driving an electric car won’t help in saving the Earth.

Alternative fuel :

came in to existence known as Ethanol. Right now INDIA is following E10 standard. It means 10 % Ethanol and 90% petrol. But due to insufficient supply these standards are not fully functional. So if we use more quantity of ethanol fuel we can save lot of money and save environment. It can help the country in saving lot of money as due to the use of Ethanol crude oil transport can be reduced.

The benefits of Bio Fuel :

“This small switch to petrol containing bio ethanol at 10% will help drivers across country reduce the environmental impact of every journey.”

The E10 blend is already used in other countries such as Belgium, Finland, France and Germany.

Robin Wright, secretary general of environmental campaign groups ePURE, said: “Displacing 10% of Europe’s petrol with ethanol through E10 fuel, a fuel widely available in France, Finland and Germany, would reduce greenhouse gas emissions from petrol vehicles by over 6%.

“But more ambition and greater use of ethanol is needed. Brazil currently mixes its petrol with up to 28% ethanol, so why not Europe?”

Finland is leading the way in Europe. E10 fuel has increased its share of petrol sold each year since it was introduced at the beginning of 2011, with the Finnish Petroleum and Bio fuels Association reporting a 63% share in 2015.

Right now in INDIA every engine is capable of Running E10 standard fuel. Countries like Brazil are running on E28 grade fuel. This E28 standards also needs modification is Engine. Right now all we can say is we can Use E10 fuel. Govt. should take steps to regularize this standard as fast as possible. This will also help to deal with the economic crisis county going from CORONA virus.

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