Apple!..Your Iphone Xs is far late in features than Android..

The latest release by Apple Iphone Xs. According to apple is revolution in the technology is far late as the feature which makes iphone XS revolutionary were introduced in Android 4-5 years earlier and some features are even more than 15 year old. 
The new iPhone XS, IPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR are powered by 7nm A12 Bionic processor, real-time machine learning, depth of field control and edge to edge Ratina display.

The phones are lauched with features like :-

  1. Dual Sim : This feature is present in simple phones since 2000’s.

2. Depth Sensing :- Even a low cost budget phone have this feature nowdays.

3. IP68 Water and Dust Resistant :- Samsung is doing this since S5 now its S9 and soon it will be s10

4. Smart HDR :- The google is one with google pixel to introduce this HDR +,Even Google pixel had a separate chip to do this.

Apple is still saying this is revolutionary.

what do you think..?


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