AMD and Samsung will launch SOC with Radeon Graphics .


AMD has paired with Samsung to develop a chip with on board graphics. This will change the mobile gaming scenario. Samsung is expecting to launch these chips by 2021.

Samsung’s first CPU with radeon graphics will be based on AMD’s new RDNA architecture. AMD is bringing this type of technology in mobile devices because AMD wants to get ahead in the competition with its rival Nvidia. In this way AMD can expand its influence in the market.

AMD is showing that it can develop architectures that will work in low-power and thermally constrained scenarios. Samsung could gain a unique advantage in the ARM-powered device space, just as gaming phones are becoming popular. It is still not cleared by company whether AMD will license its technology to other companies as well, or whether Samsung will supply processors featuring Radeon graphics to other customers.

The two companies announced the multi-year strategic partnership to license AMD’s RDNA architecture to Samsung in June this year. AMD will receive license fees and royalties from Samsung in exchange for its technology.

AMD released the Radeon RX 5700 and Radeon RX 5700 XT desktop GPUs, the first products based on its RDNA architecture, in early July. The company has also teased more powerful models coming soon. Meanwhile, the same architecture will be used by Sony for the next-gen PlayStation, Microsoft for its upcoming Xbox, and Google for the Stadia cloud gaming service. AMD is looking to expand its influence even as rival Nvidia promotes ray tracing technology and retains the top spot in terms of PC gaming performance for now.

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